Double digits, that is. This weekend was my first long run in the double digits since my last half marathon. I woke up feeling sorta iffy, since I had ended up staying up much later than intended the night before. I also ate half a pizza at around 10 at night, so that happened as well. Super good pre-run strategy.

I have to say, I think the 10 miler went great! I was presently surprised since my last 9 miler had been chopped up a little so I could do the 10k. I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of my fitness level and ability to run well for longer than 8 miles (my longest consecutive long run since the half). I’ve come to terms with the fact that miles 3-5 will always royally suck for me. They are just super hard for some reason, and they always discourage me a little and make me feel like I’ll be unable to run longer distances. Once I get past those miles and into miles 7-8 though, I start feeling MUCH better. I was even running faster at mile 9.5 than I had been mile 2. Apparently, it takes my body about an hour to warm up since it spends so much time either sitting in a chair staring at a computer or horizontal staring at a tv. I even think that I might be able to go sub-2 hours, which is my A goal for the Brooklyn Half. I’m not entirely sure since I usually stop my gps for water breaks, but I think that if  I walk through water stops, it actually helps me to make up some time when I start running again (does that sentence even make sense? Not sure at this point. Pretty sure I’m hungover right now). Anyways, feeling good for the half and really appreciating that I’ve been able to stick to training even though this awful winter.