I’m not even going to discuss the trauma of waking up to snow and ice after a week of 60 degree temps. I’m just not going to. What I WILL discuss, however, is the trauma of having to do my long-ish 6 mile run in the coldest, windiest, (totes not being dramatic here), iciest conditions pretty much ever. I legitimately went back and forth in my head about the length of this run about 400 times this morning. I have a 3 mile and 5 mile run on the docket later this week and a rest day Saturday, that could have potentially been used to run the 6 miler. But, no. I decided that it was now or never and that 30-something degrees wasn’t really all that bad. And it’s not! But what IS bad is frigid wind blowing in your goddamned face the. entire. run. It was horrible and, if I wasn’t so far from home and needing to get back so that I could go to work, I would legitimately have just ducked into the nearest coffee shop and stayed there. Forever. My hands were seriously not working properly and I didn’t even have the dexterity to be able to pause my MapMyRun at stoplights. Which ended up being okay, because, by the end of this run, I could have cared less about my split time. I was just hoping that my fingers wouldn’t have to be surgically removed due to frostbite, because that would not be a good look for me. 

In addition to the 45 mile per hour (is that fast? I don’t really get wind speeds) winds blowing in my facials, there was also the black ice all over the sidewalk. Literally sheets of ice. I had visions of myself eating it in APRIL of all times, and I simply wasn’t about to go out like that after somehow making it through this winter without falling. 

When I got home, I couldn’t even enjoy my hot shower because it literally hurt my frozen skin. Drama, y’all. 

In the end, today’s run was a reminder to really cherish those warm running days, even when the humidity makes you want to curl up and die. And it was a reminder that I AM tough enough to do this running thing. Even on days that suck. Even on days where I not only want to give up ,but I don’t even want to start in the first place. 

Also, please, for the love of god, can we just have it be summer already? Enough, Winter. Enough.