Saturday I ran the Scotland Run 10k in Central Park. I had 9 miles on the training plan, so I got there early and busted out 3, way too fast miles beforehand. Because I felt like I had royally fucked up by (unintentionally) running the 3 miles too quickly,  I decided to run without gps and to run by feel for the actual 10k. I figured this would help reduce any pressure I might put on myself to try and get a PR, and would instead force me to slow down and make this the long run it was intended to be.

Well, I PR’d (obviously. Hence the title)!! I had only run one 10k before, the Queens one, which also happened to be my first 10k ever. And it was hot. So, so, so hot. So, I wasn’t totally surprised that I might run this one faster, but it still felt really good. Especially since it was technically part of my long run. I know I complain about the .5 mile uphill in Prospect Park, but Central Park more than represents in the hill department. I tried to really focus on form during this run, so for every uphill, I forced myself to move my arms and shorten my stride, and it really did help. The hills in Central Park don’t feel as long as the one in Prospect Park, but they look horrible when you’re coming up on them. They also somehow always manage to put an uphill at the end of the race, which is a huge mindfuck. Overall, I really loved this race. There were bag pipers playing at every mile and, though the race was sold out, it never felt uncomfortably crowded. It did feel like it took forever to get to the start line, and I really don’t love the idea of people feeling the need to jog a whole half mile to the start. But this race really helped boost my confidence and I feel like my training for the Half is right on track.

I took yesterday off, since I’m having a little bit of hip discomfort and I figured I really did run that race a little faster than I should have. I ran 4 miles this morning and plan to hit up yoga this evening to stretch some stuff out.

Scotland Run 10k: 57:17 (9:15 mm)