After much hand wringing about whether or not I ACTUALLY signed up for the NYC marathon (the NYRR website format was whack and super confusing), I received my OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL e-mail welcoming me to the 2014 class of the NYC Marathon! When I signed up forever ago, I was really hesitant to tell anyone, because I seriously am going to be freaking out enough without the added pressure of other people asking me about the marathon all the time. Since then, I’ve definitely not been hiding it, but I still don’t feel comfortable sharing it with the world (no one reads this blog, so this doesn’t count). There’s still this part of me that feels like I might fail, which is ridiculous, because I certainly WILL finish (even if I have to walk the whole thing). And it’s not like running marathons is that uncommon- all kinds of people do it all the time. So, even though intellectually I know I’ll be okay, I’m still not at the point where I really feel like I can own my participation in the event. If that even makes sense.

This week’s training has gone really well, probably because it’s been fairly light. Monday and Thursday were 3 milers, Wednesday was a 5 miler, and Tuesday was a rest day. I’m supposed to run 4 miles today, but, depending on the rain situation, I might push it to tomorrow, which is supposed to be a rest day. Running after work is really, really hard for me. My commute home is about an hour, so by the time I get off the train, I’m starving and exhausted and the last thing I want to do is run. Being able to wake up early on Saturday to do my 4 miles might be the mental health break I need. Sunday is my long run of 8 miles. I know I’m following the training plan and that it’s a gradual build up, but I’m really anxious to get back up to double digits. Well, at least I will be when the freaking water fountains get turned on again. I hate hand held water bottles with a burning, burning passion. How do you people do it?!?! Are your arms made of steel?