Well, the schizophrenic weather continues,  much to my dismay. It seems like the general pattern is cold weekdays and a warmer weekend, which, in theory is nice, but I am just so, so ready to be done with winter altogether. Throwing me a bone 2 days a week just isn’t cutting it anymore.

I had my longest run since the half last year this past weekend (7 miles!). And I am happy to report that the run felt really, really good. I’ve been having a lot of lackluster 3 and 4 mile rules that feels slow and hard and it makes me question whether I’ll be able to run a half, much less a marathon. The long run this week felt super good, partly because I wasn’t worrying about pace and was just focused on increasing my mileage. I’m having to re-train myself to not think so much about pace considering I’m going to be running a marathon that will be nowhere near what I average per mile when I’m running shorter distances (duh). As obvi as that sounds, there’s still always this little voice inside my head that makes me feel badly when I hear that my pace is hovering about 10mm, when I know I can run faster. Anyways, feeling good as my mileage increase was insanely great for my confidence level.

Because the weather has been all over the place, I have varied my runs between the treadmill on cold days and outside on relatively warmer ones. Can I just say, I truly believe that treadmill running is much, much harder than running outside? I know everyone says that treadmills are easier on your body, and I don’t doubt that, but Jesus Christ does doing 3 miles on the treadmill feel like death. I even end up running slower on the treadmill because the exertion feels that much more. Granted, I am doing my treadmill runs at Planet Fitness, whose motto seems to be: “You only pay us $10 so don’t expect A/C, you cheap bastard”. Seriously. It. Is. Fucking. Hot. Like, huge drops of sweat flying off my body. It’s gross. So, maybe that’s it. Or the fact that I’m focusing so much energy on not eating it in front of total strangers.

So, fingers crossed that this weather gets its shit together and I can finally abandon the gym for more awesome runs in nature, aka Prospect Park.