Last week, I surprised even myself with not totally effing up my training plan. Other than one missed 4 miler, I managed to shove my ass out the front door and get some miles in. Yesterday, I started having what, I believe, are shin splints (a shin splint, singular?) in my left shin. I’m taking today off to give it, and my pain in the ass quad, a bit of a break.

On this week’s agenda:

Monday- Rest; Tues- 4 Miles; Wed- 4 Miles; Thurs- 4 Miles; Friday- Rest (Thank god!); Sat- 4 Miles and yoga; Sun- 7 Miles.

In other, non-running related news, D and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary this weekend. We got a hotel in SoHo and spent the day drinking and watching the Michigan State game at a “sports bar”.  In classic Manhattan (SoHo?) style, this was the fanciest sports bar I’ve ever been to. Coors Lite for $7? No thanks. I’ll just go ahead and spend the extra $1 on a beer whose sole purpose isn’t to be shotgunned.

Trying to carry some of the positivity of the weekend through this week. Not looking good so far. But still hopeful that the weather gets its shit together and stops differing by 20 degrees each day. I really do think that the never ending winter is contributing to some of my mood instability.