Yesterday marked the official start of training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I had originally planned on running a half with my dad in Chicago (his first!) in June, and then was peer pressured into signing up for the Brooklyn Half in May as well. And by “peer pressured”, I mean that I heard other people I knew were running it and impulsively signed up because I never, ever, ever have anyone to train/commiserate with. I am following this plan:

Two half marathons under my belt and, all of a sudden I warrant a “Moderate” plan? It’s foolish, I know. Especially given my recent quad pain. And the fact that I am now running 2 half marathons in the span of 2 months. Totally fool-proof plan. No way this could blow up in my face.

This week’s running plan looks a little something like this:

Monday: 3 miles; Tuesday: 3 miles; Wednesday: 4 miles; Thursday: Core and Hip Workout class at Jackrabbit; Friday: 4 miles; Saturday: 4 miles; Sunday: 6 miles.

So, basically, Moderate Plan just means “Running all the fucking time” Plan. I was able to do 3 miles yesterday with no real pain, and made sure to foam roll for a solid 1 minute afterwards, so that should solve all my problems. I’m going to play this plan by ear and might end up running the Conservative Plan if I run into any issues. Racing season has officially begun!!

P.S. I am basically computer illiterate and am still figuring out how to do some things (all the things?) on this blog. Bear with me as I attempts to make this thing MODERATELY less embarrassing (get it?)