Gone, is Yoga for Chumps. Introducing, for the first time, the Official New Title: Cardinal Rules of the Run. I thought I’d ride the Portlandia bird craze for as long as I can, which is super smart considering I’m pretty sure that’s played out already. When pondering blog names, it hit me, for the first time ever, that the state bird of Illinois, from whence I came, is a Cardinal and the college I went to has Cardinal red as the mascot. Let this sink in, guys. Ten years later, and I JUST realized this. If I hadn’t thought to re-vamp this blog, I might never have put aside the HOUR it took me to put two and two together. I am scary smart sometimes.

On the running front, I’ve been dealing with some pretty sweet quad pain that refuses to go away. I didn’t run at all last week thinking that would help, but, spoiler alert, it didn’t. I went to yoga this weekend thinking I could stretch it out a little, but it actually hurt during yoga, which is a little troubling. It doesn’t hurt when I actually run, so I guess that’s a good thing? I don’t know. I’m a huge baby when it comes to minor discomfort, so physical activity of any kind is right up my alley. I’m also lucky enough to be a hypochondriac, so now I’ve convinced myself that I have permanently torn something in my leg. Bonus is that this week I’m supposed to start training for my half marathon. My poorly researched, and possibly permanently damaging plan, is to keep on keeping on with my half marathon training plan, making sure to force myself to stretch and foam roll (neither of which I do with any regularity). I’m also getting my money’s worth out of my Walgreen’s ice pack, in the hopes that something magically fixes whatever is wrong. Worst case scenario is that I run a horrible half marathon, bust up my body too badly to complete the marathon, and have lots of people feel sorry for me. I think I can live with that.