Somehow, I have managed to make it almost a year without posting on this blog. High fives, all around! It’s certainly not because I haven’t had the time. In fact, in that time, I’ve spent about 5,000 hours reading other people’s blogs. Since my last post, I’ve managed to con someone into paying me for my services as a professional human being, so the noon-time yoga classes have been nixed. I completed my second half marathon last October, which was super exciting, and painful, as the entire lower half of my body felt busted on race day. Happily, whatever was fucked up with my legs made it more enjoyable to run up hills than downhills, so at least I had that going for me.

In the months leading up to my half, I began going to a Yoga for Runners class put on at Jackrabbit Sports. I heart any yoga class where absolutely everyone is as inflexible as me. You mean, none of you can touch your toes and all of you have hamstrings that refuse to do their goddamn jobs? Hey-o! Being a class for runners, the talk was non-stop about the New York City Marathon. Here I was, freaking out about my half, and everyone was rolling in every week complaining about their 8 mile long runs. Well, I like complaining, too! So, to validate my need to whine and let people know how awesome by talking about running all the time, I signed up for the NYC Marathon. Holy. Shit. I have basically been switching between sheer panic and denial since then. I fully expect that my body will simply give out at some point during the race. I’m talking, spontaneous combustion. As it is, I’ve been averaging 15 miles a week this winter and my left quad is having a serious “bitch, please” moment.

Anyways, I am determined to commit myself more fully to this blog and my zero readers. Reading other running blogs keeps me motivated and inspired, especially the ones by other slow-bies like me. No one wants to hear about your 7 minute miles, people. Keep it moving.