The last two runs have been really, really hard. I haven’t increased my mileage, so it’s super frustrating that running a mile still feels horrible. I’m the kind of person that wants so badly to be great at things from the very beginning. When I started yoga, I felt the same kind of frustration, and still do. I have had moments when I “get it” and the mind-body connection actually seems like a legit thing. But, for the most part, every minute of yoga is a struggle for me. It’s the same with running. There have been the occasional runs that feel like they fly by and that I could easily run another 2 miles. But the majority of the time, I’m digging deep just to hit the one mile mark. 

I think the common thread is that I have not yet learned how to not fight my body. As someone with a baseline of anxiety and tension, it’s just incredibly hard for me to get to that place where I’m working with my body, not against it. And, because I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to that place, I went ahead and ordered an IPod shuffle. At least I’ll have some sweet, sweet jams to drown out the sound of my pained sobs.