Yes, I did make extra sure to pack my running shoes, sports bras, and jogging clothes while getting ready for my trip to Jersey this past weekend. I meticulously packed all 4,000 pounds of it, picturing how lovely it would be to go for a couple’s run through Hoboken with my boyfriend. I would get to show him just how much I’d improved since he left in September. Remember when I couldn’t even run a mile? Look at me run 3! Just look! Together, we would wind our way through parks, past those annoying moms pushing strollers in state of the art running gear (real talk: You’re walking crazy slow, pushing a stroller, and talking on the phone. You can do that shit in jeans), alongside the water with the New York skyline in the distance.

If it were cold and rainy, I was in luck. Instead of being able to share my awesome running prowess with the world, I would be able to use the gym in David’s building. I do believe that I heard a tv in there last time I visited. Listening to music does literally nothing to make the time pass when I’m running, but watching tv? Give me a solid hour of The Voice and I will run that shit, no problem! I’m almost certain that running on treadmills is easier than running outside, so instead of my usual 2 miles, I pictured myself rocking an easy 6 miler. Baller status.

No, I didn’t end up taking out any of my running gear the entire time I was there. Thanks for asking.