This weekend has been warm and rainy. The perfect weather for curling up in front of the tv and cooking.

Tonight I made this: Penne with White Beans and Spinach. I was worried it might be bland (even for me who has a clinical phobia of most things sauce-y), but the garlic and cayenne did it for me. I omitted the lemon juice and zest (citrus is apparently not my friend either), so the pasta didn’t turn out as creamy as it looks on the website. But- it was super easy and made enough that I’ll have leftovers to get me through the week. I accompanied the pasta with a roll from the oven, thus ensuring that my carbs to everything else in my body ratio is back to normal.

This morning, I braved the impending storm to go to Yoga for Joggers at Namaskar Yoga. I didn’t read the class descriptions and strolled in thinking it was going to be gentle yoga. I basically got my ass kicked. There was so much stretching of legs, and my legs just don’t stretch. Chalk it up to being pigeon toed, but my hamstrings have basically been MIA for the past 20 years. I’m 100% sure that I’m going to be in massive amounts of pain tomorrow. The really great thing about the class is that everyone in there is a runner, and hearing them talk about their upcoming races is super motivational. Even though I’m topping out at 3 miles, it still feels like I’m a part of a community of runners.

My plan to stay active and eat healthy has been going really well, but I know that the upcoming cold weather is going to test my resolve. There have already been a few days where the thought of going out into the cold makes me want to cry, but I’ve done it. I keep saying to myself how good it’s going to feel when I finish. I still hate every single minute of running. I don’t think I’m ever going to be one of those people that LOVES it. I’m still not convinced that those people really exist. It all seems like an elaborate lie that everyone tells because they think that’s what is supposed to eventually happen. When I’m out there, hating every step with every fiber of my body, I just keep reminding myself that there are people who would kill to be able to run a mile, a block… It’s totally depressing, but that’s how my fucked up mind works, and as long as it gets my ass to my mileage goal for the day, I’m going to keep on rocking it.